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  • Artificial Intelligence
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Welcome to AI in Education@HKU (AIED), a dynamic hub of resources for educators and learners seeking to navigate and excel in the world of AI-enhanced learning.

Our comprehensive resources are tailored to help you effectively and confidently harness the power of AI in your classrooms.

You can find a wealth of practical and up-to-date support on our website, from a detailed SWOT analysis of GenAI in education to a step-by-step guide for integrating AI into your pedagogies. We also have practical tips and tutorials for using various GenAI tools, including those for generating text, images, and even chatbots.

You can explore our innovative assessment framework, designed to leverage AI for enhancing students’ achievement of various learning outcomes. Together with examples and cases, you will find an array of strategies for incorporating AI into your assessments, ensuring a more adaptive and meaningful educational experience for students.

At the heart of our platform is a commitment to AI literacy. We provide a clear, accessible framework that demystifies AI and its processes for the general user, and equips educators and students with the necessary skills to interact responsibly and productively with this technology. AI literacy for education is critically important and necessary for future-readiness; if you are interested in our online course, please have a look at our trailer below.

At HKU, we recognise the importance of AI and are embracing in order to ensure that we have leverage its power and potential for good. The AI Policy at HKU, which came into effect at the start of the 2023-24 academic year, covers not only assessment and upholding academic integrity, but also rethinking and transforming pedagogy. Our resource page on AI Policy further discusses the core principles of AI policy in education.

Join us at AIED@HKU and become part of a community at the forefront of educational transformation. You can also subscribe to our updates in the box below. As we continuously update our resources to reflect innovative and best practices around the world, you can share your own approaches and thoughts with us as well.


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